The City of St. John’s promotes our build heritage as a public good that fosters a sense of place and identity; generates economic development and tourism revenues; makes best use of our built resources; and is environmentally appropriate (reusing old buildings is preferable to demolishing them). This is accomplished through the City’s Heritage Program which aims to conserve significant heritage resources including buildings, streetscapes and areas.
There are three Heritage Areas in and near Downtown. Heritage Area 1 has the most significant heritage resources and streetscapes, with standards to ensure their continued preservation.  Heritage Areas 2 & 3 encompass areas of significance, with standards to ensure developments are compatible with the historic streetscape.
The City has been designating heritage buildings in its Registry of Designated Heritage Buildings since 1977 and encourages property owners to have their properties considered for designation by providing incentives through the City’s Heritage Financial Incentive Program which includes Heritage Maintenance Grants and Heritage Conservation Grants.
For a property which may merit provincial designation as a registered heritage structure, grants may be available through the Heritage Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador.
As well, to recognize the outstanding work on designated heritage buildings and on buildings within the City’s Heritage Areas, the City provides an annual Heritage Recognition Award Program.