Resident Handbook

City of St. John's Non-Profit Houses
The publication A Resident's Handbook was developed specifically for tenants of the City of St. John's Non-Profit Housing and provides an excellent overview of what you should know as a tenant of one of the City's units.

The following list of rules and regulations for the keeping of pets apply to all tenants residing at any of the City of St. John’s Non-Profit Housing Units:

  • Pets shall only be kept in properties identified as acceptable.
  • All pets shall be registered with the Non-Profit Housing Management Office and shall be licensed by the City of St. John’s.
  • There shall be no more than one pet per household.
  • Pets shall not be kept in pens or kennels at any Non-Profit Housing site.
  • Pets shall not be allowed to roam.
  • Pets shall not interfere with the quiet enjoyment of other tenants.
  • All animal waste shall be removed promptly from all outside areas and disposed of in a sanitary manner.
  • Common areas shall be cleaned immediately of all animal waste.
  • Damage to landscaped areas or building components shall be the responsibility of the pet owner and shall be rectified immediately.
  • Tenants occupying units with enclosed rear yards may allow pets to run free within the confines of the yard provided the animal is restricted from escaping and the actions of the pet, such as excessive barking, do not disturb neighbouring properties.
  • Tenants occupying units with open rear yards must ensure that unsupervised pets are tethered.
  • Tenants occupying units with joint rear yards shall not allow pets to go unsupervised.
  • Pets shall not be tethered to the front of any property nor shall any pet be kept in the front yard of any property where one is available.
  • It is agreed and understood that a violation of these rules and regulations is a direct violation of the lease, and as such, may result in an action on the part of the City of St. John’s which could adversely affect tenancy.