Development Checklists

When submitting a Development Application with the Department of Planning, Engineering & Regulatory Services, you must fill out the application “PDE – 3003 Building/Development Application” and complete the Development Checklist which is applicable to the application. Additional information is always necessary to accompany a Development Application such as site drawings, deeds, surveys, floor plans, etc.

Below we have provided you with a number of checklists for the more common types of Development Applications received by our Department. These will help ensure that you have all the correct information to accompany the application. The appropriate checklist must be completed and submitted with your application.

Development Checklists:

Commercial Development Checklist
Condominium or Apartment Development Checklist
Day Care Centre Checklist
Day Care Centre in a Residential Dwelling Checklist
Development on Agricultural Land Checklist
Family Home Child Care Service Checklist
Home Occupation Checklist
Home Office Checklist
Industrial Development Checklist
Institutional Development Checklist
Municipal Plan Amendment Checklist
Change or Extension of Non-Conforming Use Checklist
Rezoning Checklist
Subdivision Major - Extension to Services Checklist
Subdivision Major - No Service Extension Checklist
Subdivision Minor - Extension to Services Checklist
Subdivision Minor - No Service Extension Checklist
Text Amendment Application Checklist