Water Reservoirs

The water reservoirs of the Regional Water System provide storage for treated water before it is conveyed throughout the municipal distribution system. Water reservoirs must be capable of providing adequate flow and pressure for domestic, commercial and industrial use. They must also store water during periods of low demand, provide water during short power outages and provide a reserve of water for fire suppression and other emergencies.

The water reservoirs found throughout the Regional Water System and their respective service zone and volume capacity include:

  • Kenmount Hill Reservoirs St. John’s South Expansion Zone, 17,300 m3 (17,300,000 L)
  • Jensen Camp Reservoir St. John’s Intermediate Zone, 11,400 m3 (11,400,000 L)
  • Windsor Lake Resservoirs, Windsor Lake Gravity Zone, 20,000 m3 (20,000,000 L)
  • Penetanguishene Reservoir, Windsor Lake Pumped Zone, 7,300 m3 (7,300,000 L)