Message from the Fire Chief

The St. John’s Regional Fire Department (SJRFD), previously known as the St. John’s Fire Department operated under the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador since its inception in 1892. In 1992 it was transferred to the City of St. John’s and formally mandated to provide emergency protection to the cities of St. John’s and Mount Pearl. From that point forward, the department has grown to provide fire and emergency services to all municipalities of the North East Avalon region through direct response to calls for assistance, provision of 911 services, or as a backup to fire and emergency services already protecting those communities.

Built upon a strong foundation of tradition and excellence in fire service delivery, the SJRFD continues to work toward improving our capability and capacity to serve citizens who rely upon us for protection. Innovation, advancement and education are some of the important values which define the culture of the SJRFD in both service to residents and safeguarding the welfare of our members. As we step into our future, it is the people of the SJRFD who continue to be our greatest asset and source of inspiration as strategies are planned to meet the challenges of providing a holistic fire and emergency service in a modern world.

Sherry Colford
Fire Chief (Director of Regional Fire and Emergency Services)