Local Immigration Partnerships

Local Immigration Partnerships (LIP's) are municipal or regional coalitions designed to strengthen local capacity to attract newcomers and improve integration outcomes, as indicated by enhanced economic, social, political, and civic participation. LIP's operate through formal agreements that establish broad-based partnership councils charged with developing and implementing strategies to produce more welcoming communities.

LIP's include immigrant and mainstream service providers that are important focal points for increasing engagement and promoting coordination among service providers and other institutions:

  • municipalities;
  • federal and provincial agencies;
  • employer associations;
  • health organizations;
  • ethno-cultural and religious groups;
  • school boards;
  • academic institutions;
  • other partners

The LIP initiative began in Ontario in 2008, and has now expanded to a number of other provinces. There are currently more than 60 LIP’s across Canada, including seven in Atlantic Canada. Learn more at Pathways to Prosperity: Canada.