Getting Your Credentials Assessed in Canada

Working at the Centre for Aquaculture and Seafood Development at the Marine Institute of Memorial UniversityMany credentials obtained from other countries are acceptable in Canada, however, some are not. To work in Canada, you will need to have your credentials assessed to see whether they meet Canadian standards. The procedures for evaluating and recognizing qualifications earned outside Canada will depend on whether you wish to enter an occupation that is regulated or non-regulated. For further information, please visit the Immigration and Citizenship page of In many cases, you can begin the process of having your credentials assessed prior to leaving your home country.

The Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials (CICIC) collects, organizes and distributes information, and acts as a national clearing house and referral service to support the recognition and portability of Canadian and international educational and occupational qualifications. This organization has information on academic and occupational credentials for all of Canada, and lists nearly 200 professions and trades, in alphabetical order. The CICIC does not assess credentials, rather it provides advice and refers newcomers to sources of help.

For information on certification and membership in local professional associations refer to the following links: