Dance Programs

There are a variety of dance programs offered at the H.G.R. Mews Community Centre and the Paul Reynolds Community Centre for the beginner to advanced dance enthusiast. This is a great way to meet new people and to have a fun filled workout


Course Description
Line Dance Registered and drop in classes available. Learn the basic steps of line dancing (grapevine, the shuffle, and the pivot turn) to music that will keep you moving. Classes offered in beginner to advanced.
Ballroom Dance Begginer level course. Dance instruction is limited primarily to Foxtrot, Jive and Waltz. Registration with a partner is required.
Sequence Dance Intermediate level course. Ballroom dance steps set to 16 bars of music comprising most dance styles, e.g. the Kathryn Waltzes, Melodie Foxtrot, Square Tango and others. Registration with a partner is required.
A Time to Dance This introductory class includes different genres of music and dance. Note: All levels are welcome, partners are not required.
Scottish Dance NEW! Partner not required.
NL Traditional Dance Enjoy traditional Newfoundland music while learning group dances such as Lancer, various square dances longways, reel and cotillion.  This class is for the beginner to intermediate dance enthusiast. Note: All levels welcome, partner not required.
Irish Dance Learn some old traditional social dances from the Emerald Isle including "The Siege of Ennis" and "The Walls of Limerick". Learn the basic moves and put them together to some lively jigs and reels! All levels welcome, partner not required.

For more details on available programs or to register click on link above.