Constanze Safatle-Ferrari

My name is Constanze Safatle-Ferrari. I'm from Santiago, Chile. I moved to Canada four years ago.
I have a Bachelor in Humanities and a Bachelor in Commercial Law. Unfortunately, I cannot work here as a lawyer. I needed actually to start again. I was pregnant at that time and I had my third child. I realized maybe I’ll make baby stuff.
It is a good niche for a startup business. I started to develop different articles for babies. That is how my business Newbornlander started.
I applied to the Farmer's Market. My goal was to sell 100. And I sold, I don't know, 190. I received a call from Twisted Sisters boutique and they offered me a consignment there. That step was huge for me because they helped me a lot actually. They advised me about what was the correct price for my products.
After one year, I realized I needed help. The business grew a lot. I tried looking for a Canadian partner. I met Carrie Ivany. She told me she loved Newbornlander, the brand and the baby stuff. And she closed her business and we opened Newbornlander in Quidi Vidi Plantation. She is the artist and I am more business. So she was the perfect jelly for my peanut butter.
I think this city is the perfect place for the entrepreneur. I know this city works so much to welcome and be friendly with newcomers. But it's part of our job to go outside, learn English, find a job and grow.
The Plantation is an incubator for crafts. You meet a lot of people and other entrepreneurs. You are free to come and enjoy and develop your business if you want. It is an awesome opportunity. For now, I will focus on my business grow my business just step by step.