The City of St. John’s strives to be a Sustainable City today and for future generations. This is a vision expressed in the City of St. John’s Strategic Plan.  St. John’s City Council declared a Climate Emergency on November 4, 2019. On December 18, 2019 the Mayor of the City of St. John’s joined the Global Covenant of Mayors. Through these and past actions the City of St. John’s has re-enforced its ongoing commitment to be a sustainable city and act to mitigate and adapt to climate change. Building on knowledge and experience the Urban Sustainability Framework (USF) provides a clear picture of what A Sustainable City embodies. 
A Sustainable City Demonstrates:

  1. Robust economic growth, prosperity, competitiveness
  2. Protection and conservation of natural resources
  3. Fostering overall city resilience, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  4. Inclusiveness and livability


Our Sustainability Planning Framework