Friday, November 10, 2017 - 4:00 PM

Great Fire of 1892 Commemorative Mural Complete at McBride's Hill

Julie Lewis at the Great Fire 1892 Mural on McBride's Hill

Today, Councillor Sandy Hickman joined local artist Julie Lewis to officially unveil the Great Fire of 1892 commemorative mural at McBride’s Hill in St. John’s.

“Congratulations to Julie Lewis for the successful completion of this magnificent mural,” said Councillor Sandy Hickman. “Julie has made us very proud with her incredible work on this project. We have several murals throughout St. John’s that showcase the talent, culture and history of our city. In addition to engaging residents and visitors this artwork will reduce unwanted graffiti.”

Julie Lewis is an animator, artist, studio owner and more. She has worked as a university instructor, portrait artist, digital creative leader, and freelance story boarder to name a few. Her education includes a Classical Animation Diploma and Art Fundamentals Certification, and she is presently working on her Bachelor of Arts at Memorial University.

“What a big job this was,” said Julie Lewis. “I had no idea what I was in for, and how much I would enjoy it. I loved meeting all the downtown regulars, from pedestrians to bankers, the from-far-away travellers, the new friends I have made. It has been a joy, and I can’t say enough about how happy I am with the City of St. John’s for sharing the grand vision, and to the Paint Shop for being so generous, cool and fun. I was also able to work safely and securely at 30 foot heights under the care of Wall to Wall Construction, to whom I am also grateful.”

“Public art adds vibrancy to our shared spaces, while showcasing the strengths of our visual arts community,” said Councillor Maggie Burton, Council Representative of the Arts and Cultural Advisory Committee. “Thanks, Julie Lewis, for sharing your vision with us!”

The City thanks Benjamin Moore and The Paint Shop who generously donated the paint for the mural.

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