Significant Enhancements to Public Transit

Monday, December 09, 2013 - 5:30 PM
Cover of Budget 2014: Steady the Course

One of the messages which came through loud and clear during the 2014 pre-budget engagement process was the importance of having an affordable and dependable public transit system.
“Public transit is part of a broader approach we must take to mobility that integrates all modes of transportation,” says Councillor Danny Breen, Chair of the Finance and Administration Standing Committee. “Significant enhancements are currently underway with our public transit system and will continue through 2014.”
Metrobus recently moved into its $36.7 million facility, built with considerable support from the Government of Canada. This 115,000 square foot energy efficient facility can hold up to 70 buses.
The City has invested in fleet revitalization and another five accessible buses will be delivered in 2014, bringing our total number of new accessible buses to 20. In 2014, this will allow Metrobus to begin offering accessible routes.
Metrobus has also expanded its routes to include new areas of the city and express service to Memorial University. In 2014, Metrobus will continue to expand service with additional express services being offered and improvements to some of the busiest routes which service downtown, Memorial University and the Kelsey Drive areas.
“The City will take another step towards our goal of becoming an age-friendly community by offering a new community bus service exclusively for seniors in 2014 thanks to funding from the province’s Age-Friendly Transportation Project,” says Councillor at Large Tom Hann, Chair of the St. John’s Transportation Commission. “In the new year we will engage with seniors to ensure this service meets their specific needs.”
The City of St. John’s will continue its ongoing support of public transit with a $16.3 million subsidy for transit and para-transit in 2014. Despite the ongoing improvements at both Metrobus and GoBus Accessible Transit, transit fare rates will remain frozen and not increase in 2014.
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