Traffic Pilot Project: Church Hill & Veteran's Square

Friday, August 25, 2017 - 10:30 AM
map veterans square

In order to enhance pedestrian safety, improve traffic flow and increase parking availability, the intersections of Church Hill with Veteran’s Square and Queen’s Road will be reconfigured as part of a traffic pilot project. Construction work to reconfigure the area will take place on August 30 to 31.

This location was identified as an excellent candidate for a pilot project as these intersections pose safety concerns for motorists and pedestrians. The changes to the area will include:
• Reducing the width of Church Hill in the Vicinity of Veteran’s Square
• Adding formal parking areas on Church Hill and on Veteran’s Square
• Closing Veteran’s Square to through traffic, vehicles parking will be permitted to travel in one direction only from Church Hill toward Cathedral Street

Changes will remain in place until mid-autumn and will be removed before snow clearing operations begin for the winter. At that time the existing conditions will be reinstated.

During this trial period the City’s Transportation Engineering staff will monitor the area. Near the end of the pilot project a survey will be circulated to gather direct feedback from the public. The observations and public feedback will inform the evaluation and be presented to City Council who will determine if the changes will become a permanent feature of Church Hill and Veteran’s Square.

You can learn more about this project and other pilot projects online at