Improved Service Levels at Pedestrian Activated Street Crossings

Wednesday, October 05, 2022 - 7:15 AM

Today, Committee of the Whole voted to enhance snow clearing resources at 122 pedestrian street crossings. The recommendation will be referred to a future City Council meeting for a final vote.

The cost for more snow clearing resources is $270,015 for eight employees, one supervisor, two leased loaders and two light duty trucks.

With the additional resources, pedestrian activated crossings will be cleared within three days (72 hours) of street widening operations. In the past, it has taken approximately seven days for crews to clear pedestrian activated crossings.

Street crossings that are cleared by the Parks and Open Spaces Division includes traffic control crossings that are push button activated, and crossings that are automated.

It is important to note that snow clearing at intersections does not begin until street widening operations are complete. Due to high traffic and pedestrian volumes during the daytime, snow clearing at street crossings will occur during the overnight hours.

Further background information is in the Committee of the Whole Agenda, see item 6.1 in the agenda for October 5, 2022.