Resident Satisfaction Survey Begins September 26

Monday, September 26, 2022 - 12:45 PM
yellow background with question marks scattered in white word balloons

Over the next two weeks residents of St. John’s may be contacted by MQO Research to participate in the City’s resident satisfaction survey. The survey was first conducted in 2018, then repeated in 2020. Residents will be contacted by phone and selected through a random process. Although participation is voluntary, co-operation is encouraged to ensure that the information collected is as accurate and representative of the population as possible. The survey will take approximately 15 minutes to complete and individual answers will be kept strictly confidential.

The satisfaction survey is one of several ways Council seeks input from residents on how the City is performing. It includes topics ranging from quality of life and City services to capital and operating budget spending, governance and strategic priorities. New topics included for 2022 include a measurement of overall mental health and wellbeing, financial wellness and housing. These new topics will help inform related City strategies and plans.

The survey sample size has been increased from 500 to 600 surveys for 2022, improving the margin of error to +/–3.98 percentage points 19 times out of 20. A larger sample size improves our ability to measure the opinions of smaller subsets of our population. 

Results from the 2018 and 2020 surveys are available on the City’s website. Results from the 2022 survey will be published later this year.