Bike Plan Impact on Trees

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PB 496 2019
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"Kelly’s Brook Trail: A trail from Kings Bridge Road to Columbus Drive, that is largely in place as a granular trail today, will be upgraded to an asphalt shared-use path. This shared-use path will link several neighborhoods through an important east-west greenway that largely parallels Empire Avenue.

Rennie’s River Trail: This project upgrades the existing walking trail to an asphalt shared-use path connecting the proposed Kelly’s Brook shared-use path (Catalyst Project #1) at Portugal Cove Road to Prince Philip Drive. The existing trail sits within a beautiful greenway adjacent to Rennie’s River. Virginia River Trail: This project connects several neighborhoods and important destinations along an existing greenway that extends from Quidi Vidi Lake to Penny Crescent. The existing walking trail will be upgraded to an asphalt shared-use path

How many trees will be destroyed for the proposed bike plan?""