Designating Your Building

The City of St. John’s Heritage Program aims to preserve the city’s historical, cultural and aesthetic values through the preservation of our built heritage. This is accomplished through our Heritage Designation Program where homes, buildings and structures which are significant due to their architecture (style, construction, age, architect, design, interior), history (person, event, context), environment (continuity, setting, landmark) and/or their integrity (site, alterations, condition), are designated as heritage buildings for future generations to enjoy.
Heritage designation applies to the exterior only. It comes with many benefits including a range of possible uses which help ensure that your property remains economically viable (ie. bed and breakfast, handcraft use, home office, etc.). 
Funding for the maintenance and conservation of designated heritage buildings is available through the Heritage Financial Incentive Program. This program is open from March 1 to May 1, each fiscal year. The purpose of this program is to help defray some additional costs associated with maintaining and conserving a designated Heritage Building.
When you become part of the City’s Heritage Program, your property will be issued a beautifully crafted Heritage Plaque which can be displayed on the exterior of your home/building, acknowledging the value your property has to our community.
Additionally, your property will be listed on the City’s Registry of Designated Heritage Buildings.
If you are interested in having your property designated as a Municipal Heritage Building, please complete this application, or if you would like to receive more information contact our Planning Division:

Urban Design and Heritage
Planning, Engineering and Regulatory Services
Phone: 709-570-2041
Fax:  709-576-2340