Non-Profit Housing

Non-Profit Housing

Non-Profit Housing

The City of St. John’s, Non-Profit Housing Division, is responsible for administration and management of 424 residential rental units throughout the City. These houses and apartments vary in size from one to four-bedroom units and are available for rent to low and moderate income earners on the basis of net family income.

The type of housing provided by the City ranges from a 65-unit apartment building on Hamilton Avenue to infill in the downtown core. While the majority of the housing provided by the City is in the Downtown area, we do provide housing as far east as Forest Road and as far west as Brookfield Road.

Housing provided by the City falls into two distinct categories:

  1. Lower End of Market Housing (LEMS)
  2. Rent Geared to Income (RGI)

Lower End of Market Housing (LEMS)
The City of St. John’s operates 268 units which fall into this category. Tenants in this type of housing pay the lower end of market rent as determined annually by Newfoundland Labrador Housing. Certain eligibility requirements are in place for the LEMS. Rents for these units depend on the number of bedrooms in the unit. A percentage of tenants in the LEMS are subsidized and the subsidy depends on the availability of funds. Usually 15 per cent of the units in each housing project receive a subsidy at any given time. Utility costs in the LEMS are the responsibility of the tenant.

The Lower End of Market rentals are located in the following areas:

  • 30 Hamilton Avenue (64 two-bedroom apartments; 1 - one-bedroom)
  • 179-229 Forest Road (26 townhouses consisting of three-bedroom and four-bedroom)
  • Rawlin’s Cross (25 apartments consisting of one-bedroom and two-bedroom)
  • Fahey’s Row (off Cookstown Road) (5 - one-bedroom and 5 - three-bedroom)
  • 66-92 Alexander Street/131-153 Hamilton Avenue (24 semi-detached townhouses; three-bedroom and four-bedroom)
  • 2-16 Carnell Street/2-32 Larkin’s Square (four townhouses and 20 semi-detached town houses; three-bedroom and four-bedroom)
  • 65-79 Carter’s Hill/12-34 Goodview Street (20 apartments, three-bedroom and four-bedroom)
  • 1-29 Sebastian Court (next to City Hall) (29 townhouses, two-bedroom, three-bedroom, and four-bedroom)

In addition to the above, there are 32 apartments/houses in the Infill Housing Program located in various areas throughout the City.

Rent Geared to Income (RGI)
The City of St. John’s operates 156 housing units which fall into this category. The RGI units are targeted specifically at individuals and families of low income. Rents in these units are based strictly on 25 per cent of net monthly income. Heat is included in the rent and there is a small surcharge for lights.

Persons in need of housing should submit their applications and a determination will be made as to their eligibility for this program. Generally, applications are placed on a waiting list and inspections will be carried out on applicant’s present accommodations.

The Rent Geared to Income Units are located in the following locations:

  • 151-141 Hamlyn Road (26 semi-detached three and four bedroom townhouses)
  • 1-19 Rockcrest Court (off Gear Street) (19 two and three bedroom townhouses)
  • 1-15 Bastow Court/1-11 Mifflin Court (Brookfield Road) (26 townhouses – one, two and three bedrooms, four designated disabled)
  • 49-51 Cochrane Street (11 one-bedroom apartments for non-elderly singles)
  • 174 Campbell Avenue (11 one and two-bedroom apartments, three designated for disabled and eight designated for seniors)

An additional 63 apartments/houses are provided through Infill housing located in the downtown area.

Applications for Accommodation can be obtained from our offices in the City Hall Annex or by calling (709) 576-8196.