The Communications Centre, commonly refered to as 911, is located in Central Fire Station and provides an around-the-clock 911 emergency telephone service to citizens of the Avalon Penninsula. 

All fire and rescue related 911 calls received within the SJRFD region, including the five outlying jurisdictions, are handled directly by SJRFD Fire Dispatchers. All other 911 calls are promptly forwarded to the appropriate emergency response agency for the callers area.

The Communications Centre remains fully-functional in the event of a shutdown crisis in the building or area. If necessary, all 911 calls are re-routed to 911 Corner Brook for handling, while SJRFD fire dispatch remains operational because of the Redundant Fire Dispatch Centre, located in Mount Pearl Fire Station, and becomes operational within seconds of a critical event.

For more information on 911 Public Safety Answering Points in the province, please visit nl911.ca.