Individual & Family Programs

Looking to try a new exciting outdoor activity! Register for one of our individual or family programs. Program topics include archery, wilderness survival, navigation, canoeing, kayaking and stand up paddleboarding. Summer day camp programs for various ages are also available.

Navigational Skills Learn how to navigate your way through the wilderness using a map and GPS and learn how to read nature’s signposts. Communication, co-operation, trust, and confidence are skills that you will rediscover. Please bring along your own G.P.S. unit and manual if you have one.
Kayaking Become acquainted with the exciting sport of kayaking. Learn the basic kayak strokes and techniques including: paddle grip, boat fit and adjustment, launching and landing. All necessary equipment is provided.
Wilderness Survival Learn skills to help you survive in the wilderness such as navigation, trail blazing, signaling, shelter building, fire building, edible plants, and trip planning. All equipment is provided.
Archery Learn the basic skills of archery such as: target shooting, information on techniques, equipment and safety. All equipment is provided.
Canoeing Whet your appetite for the art of canoeing. Learn the basic canoe strokes and techniques including: equipment selection, entering and exiting a canoe, pivots and turns. All necessary equipment is provided.
Digital Photography Improve your photography skills through an introduction to tools and techniques. Focus on colour, composition, perspective, light, and other tricks of the trade. Indoor and outdoor instruction and practice. Must bring own camera, manual and a tripod if you have one.
Stand Up Paddleboard Learn how to properly and safely get on, off and navigate your paddle board. All equipment is provided. Come prepared to be in the water.
Duke of Edinburgh eligible
Backcountry Ventures Prepare for the Overnight portion of the Duke of Edinburgh Training. All necessary equipment is provided.
Adventurous Journey Prepare for the Adventurous Journey portion of the Duke of Edinburgh Training. All necessary equipment is provided.

Please Note: Courses are offered on a seasonal basis

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