Fire Advisory for Jurisdiction of SJRFD

Wednesday, July 11, 2018 - 2:00 PM
outdoor fireplace

The St. John’s Regional Fire Department wishes to remind all citizens that due to the current high index and dry windy conditions, a fire advisory is presently in effect.

All permits for open air fires are banned, however contained fires such as chimineas and barrels with spark arrestors are permitted. In the meantime, the St. John’s Regional Fire Department is asking people to be fire safe when using barbecues, chimineas and burning in barrels and to keep a hose or fire extinguisher handy. Please ensure to fully douse fire when you are finished.

The following safety guidelines for chimineas will help provide much enjoyment when having social gatherings and other festive occasions during the summer months:

  • Use only seasoned wood
  • Wind speeds are not in excess of 25 km per hour
  • Smoke does not cause an annoyance to adjacent properties

These open air fire places are required to be:

  • Installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, if supplied
  • Located at least 3 meters from any building, structure or combustible material
  • Capable of completely containing/enclosing the fire
  • Equipped with a spark arrestor and/or screen to prevent escape of sparks and/or embers.
  • Placed on a firm and level surface which has a non-combustible base beneath it, a minimum of 0.5m completely outside the perimeter of the unit
  • Attended by someone with access to a fire extinguisher, bucket of water or another water source while operating.

A copy of the complete regulation(s) can be obtained on the City of St. John’s website.

For more information contact:
Captain Mike Maher
Fire Prevention Officer
St. John’s Regional Fire Department
(709) 576-3905